Danial, 22-year Old Marries His Teacher of 48

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FOTO ihsan Muhammad Danial Ahmad Ali

In a heartwarming love story, 22-year-old Muhammad Danial Ahmad Ali from Malaysia has revealed how he met his now-wife, Jamilah Mohd, when he was just 15 and she was his Bahasa Melayu teacher.

Since Secondary Five

Though there were no romantic feelings initially, he fell for her warm personality and tried to get closer to her after she wished him a happy birthday when he was in secondary five, says Harian Metro.

Danial Confessed

Despite being rejected initially due to their student-teacher relationship, Danial persisted and eventually confessed his love to Jamilah, who eventually reciprocated his feelings. Today, the couple is happily married since 2021. “Age is just a number and I will try my best to carry the responsibilities as a husband,” he says.

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