Did Mahathir Just Divide the PAS-PN Alliance?

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A photo of the signing of the deal between Mahathir and Hadi

PAS is a stronger party than the entire PN without it, that is the PN composed of Katak2 Bersatu and the dying Gerakan. But PAS signed a Malay unity pact with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad this week and Muhyiddin Yassin or Bersatu leaders were not in the picture.

Gerakan Felt It

Gerakan has said it felt the bad vibes after the signing of the pact between Hadi and Tun M. This has already caused a crack in the PN. Muhyiddin is the one who dumped Mahathir out of Bersatu when he resigned as PM and Bersatu chairman in 2020. Muhyiddin then weaved through the mess and became PM.

Mahathir and Bersatu

Unless Tun M is to sign such a pact with Bersatu, his old party, then there will be a sense of unity among them again but with Mahathir in their midst, do you think those who betrayed him in 2020 will be given a chance? Is he that forgiving?

Anyway, the plan was in action since 2020 after the collapse of the PH government. But Mahathir did not want to be the leader of the Muafakat Nasional. In the MN, he would not have any control. How will he control the Pakatan Melayu now that PAS has signed? Will he be adviser of the PAS now on elections?

This pact is also part of a plan to chide the Umno into looking stupid since the pact is obviously an anti-PH pact and Umno is in alliance with PH. That means, for the pactole promoters, Umno is not in support of the Malay unity.

Did Mahathir just divide the PAS-PN alliance or did is he working very hard to divide the Umno and break the Umno-PH alliance?

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