What Happens If Mahathir Sues Anwar?

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Datuk Lokman Adam from Umno believes Tun Mahathir Mohamad is not going to sue PM Anwar Ibrahim over his statement that Mahathir’s children became billionaires while he was PM.

MOF Documents

He says Anwar as Finance Minister has access to all the deals made since the country’s independence which is at the Ministry of Finance and Anwar can have access to all the documentation, deals and names on record as evidence of what he stated.

Mahathir Sues Anwar?

For Mahathir, he says, the latter believes he still have influence in the judiciary and that should be to his advantage but Lokman still do not believe Mahathir will sue Anwar anytime soon. Anyway, such a case will take a long time. Perhaps Mahathir is hoping that he can topple Anwar before he sues the PM? On the PM side, Mahathir could be dead by the time the case is taken up to court.

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