Woman Complains Her 2 Week Old RM5,850 CHANEL Shoes BROKE 

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Image taken from Chanel's official website.

Chanel is in hot waters again after a woman complained on TikTok that her shoes broke while walking in them. The damage seems to be quite rough, and it is affecting more and more of their customers. Mind you, a luxury fashion house of their caliber should not have issues like these, especially when they’re asking nearly RM6,000 for basic shoes. 

TikTok woman shows how her Chanel shoes broke 


Chanel EMERGENCY!! Me and Mario are shopping in Rome when my brand new Chanel shoes for 1280€ starts to make a wired sound!! Then we discover this!! The heel has fallen off, and the gold is coming off! So now i need your HELP TO EMERGENCY buy a new pair of Louis Vuitton shoes #louisvuitton #chanel #shopping #shoppingroma #luxuryshopping

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She seems more optimistic and is quite relaxed about the situation. However, she is seen in a Louis Vuitton store asking her audience what shoes should she purchase in lieu of her broken shoes. TikTok users are pretty ville towards the luxury brand as for the price they’re asking, this should never happen. 

One user states that Chanel uses the cheapest materials for their products. This is an alleged claim, it is not verified whether the luxury house is actually doing this. Fashion lovers are mocking the brand for constantly increasing their prices in order to compete with Hermes, but unlike Hermes, they are not stepping up in terms of longevity and quality. 

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Image taken from Chanel’s official website.

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