ANWAR Cool Response on Tun M SAMAN: My Lawyers ADA

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Anwar cool response
Photo from Anwar Ibrahim Facebook

After having a lunch in Banting, Selangor, PM Anwar Ibrahim was asked by reporters what is his reactions to the news that Tun Mahathir Mohamad is finally suing him for RM150 million.

Huge Amount of Money

Keeping his usual cool, Anwar replied: Tun M Saman? Tak Apa Peguam Saya Ada! He does not seem to worry about Mahathir’s challenge and the terms of the lawsuit, which are quite surprising in nature. The amount Mahathir is seeking is huge altogether and if the old man wins, it may ruin Anwar.

Anwar Cool Response

Though many are in support of Anwar, Twitter users are also skeptical on the outcome. Will Mahathir win or Anwar destroy the old fox, finally, after 26 years? See some responses from Twitter users below on Anwar cool response and Mahathir’s saman:

Reactions from Twitter users


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