BALENCIAGA Releases New GOLD Metal Handbag For WHOPPING RM97,300 

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Image of the Balenciaga Hourglass metal bag that costs RM97,300.

It appears that Balenciaga is no longer canceled. They have been getting rave reviews on their new items this season. One of the key focus items that they released this year is their new iteration of their Hourglass handbag. Typically, their standard Hourglass handbag costs around RM10,900 for a leather option in the same gold color. 

Balenciaga’s GOLD handbag 

However, for this one of a kind seasonal piece, it will set back Balenciaga customers RM97,300 if they so choose to purchase one. The price is shocking as brands that are more expensive than them are offering bags that cost lower than this. 

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A more “affordable” option that is made out of leather which costs RM10,900

Even Chanel, who is notoriously known to be more expensive, currently does not have a bag as expensive for the public to purchase. The bag is made of brass and comes in two colors, gold or silver. Both colors cost the same. If you are interested, it would be best to contact your Balenciaga sales associate. 

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Image of the Balenciaga Hourglass metal bag that costs RM97,300.

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