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There is a new wave of potential scams that are affecting Malaysians now. Apparently, an unknown number will call your Whatsapp three times. A user claims that if you pick up the call, they might have access to your phone. The validity of this claim is a subject for debate. 

The three Whatsapp call scam 

The tweet gained traction as a large number of people seem to be affected by this issue. One user posted screenshots of their Whatsapp message with the person, and they are claiming that it is a job offer. However, as we all know, these kinds of job offers are eerily sketchy. 

Furthermore, the million dollar question is how are they even going to have access to your phone? For iPhones, they promote themselves to have top notch security and someone accessing it would be nearly impossible. Another Twitter user states that if your phone is hackable through a call, it’s probably time to change to a new one. 

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Image from Latest Malaysia.

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