Penang LRT To Cost RM10 BILLION? Malaysians QUESTIONING The HIGH cost 

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Image of Penang's skyline. Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

Currently in Malaysia, the most developed areas are in the Klang Valley. Now, the only locations in Malaysia that has a mass and light transit system on rails is mostly there. However, with the new government in power, there seem to be plans to develop other parts of our country. 

Netizens questioning the cost of Penang’s LRT 

It appears that a Perikatan Nasional supporter is doing most of the complaints about the development of the state. He claims that DAP is ruling Malaysia, despite that we are currently having a coalition government that is backed by the King. Another user states that Penang has always paid more in tax while receiving significantly less in the last few years. 

Furthermore, the development of the MRT in Klang Valley alone reached 50 billion. Fortunately, a large portion of netizens are defending the government for their decision to build a rapid transit system in Penang. 

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Image of Penang’s skyline. Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

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