TikTok User Allegedly MOCKS B40 People While Wearing PRADA and VERSACE

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Image screenshotted from Twitter, video originally from TikTok user @ryzalibrhm

It seems that some Malaysians live to flex their wealth. Generally, it is not entirely wrong to do so, but Malaysians will not approve of those who are condescending towards others, especially to the B40 folks. Typically, people who attack others based on their wealth tend to get attacked on social media for not being humble. 

TikTok user shows that his “B40” life is full of designer items 

The video went viral on Twitter reaching over 4 million people. Netizens are showing their distaste for his showing off. One user even states that this is another level of showing off. He questions why we, as Malaysians, need to differentiate ourselves with “levels” or “classes.”   

Some users state that this could possibly be true rather than simply it being a parody. Statements that B40 people can be financially irresponsible is a topic of discussion. One user states that their colleagues from a lower income frequently buy bottled water, while M40 people tend to bring boiled water from home. 

Another user states that this is simply a message to Malaysians in order to not flex and show off to others. The user claims that B40 people tend to purchase expensive items in order to show the wealth that they do not have. However, these are only speculations from a Twitter user, and not entirely a proven fact. 

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Image screenshotted from Twitter.

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