Malaysia’s Spectacular 61-Cat New Hari Raya Outfit Matchup!

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Image via @cats.territory/TikTok.

Some people will be awed by this but others might say whaaat. But look at the bright side. It is only in Malaysia perhaps that you get people who can be so passionate about their felines. Right?

Matching Outfits

And this lady on TikTok shows how much she loves her 61 cats– by donning matching outfits with them for Hari Raya. The video shows 32 year-old Raziellia Nor Saafri clad in a purple-coloured baju kurung and after opening a door of an enclosuer to let the cats out, what a surprise!

Simply Spectacular

They were all wearing purple-coloured pet clothes and this was the clothing colour for the family’s Hari Raya this year. Simply spectacular the scene with the cats in purple in the video. Watch it.

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