Tun Mahathir receiving BACKLASH from netizens for ALL of his FAILURES  

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The controversy started when a Bersatu member, Razali Idris stated that non-Malays should not be afraid of the agenda that Perikatan Nasional (PN) is following. He adds that uniting the Malay people was the same goal that Tun Mahathir had back in his days as Prime Minister. Idris adds that this is not a political issue. 

When it comes to Tun Mahathir, his relationship with the Malay community is rather mixed. There are times where he claims to fight for the rights of the Malays, and then at the same time, he would make derogatory comments about the same racial group. Just a few years ago he stated that Malays are lazy, which led him to receive immense backlash. 

Backlash against Tun Mahathir 

Netizens are criticizing PN leaders. This Twitter user said that the priority of a political leader should be uniting the country rather than just one race. The user then adds that now Malaysians can really know who is the enemy of the state. 

Another netizen states, if you are interested in uniting the Malay race, create one singular party for Malays only. Currently, there is PAS, Bersatu, Perjuang, etc. Make it one and prove that you are all focused on taking care of the Malays. This is done by not splitting up the country’s politics. 

Another Twitter user decides it best to list down all of Tun Mahathir’s failures. He states that Mahathir was the one who fired Anwar, which led him to create PKR. Next, he left UMNO and created Bersatu. Following that mess, he became Prime Minister, then decided to step down. After creating Pejuang, now claims that he wants to unite the Malays are relevant? 

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