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Malaysians appear to be fed up with PAS and its politicians. They preach about Islam while behaving the opposite. A netizen states that the typical rakyat, in particular when it is a PAS state, they would have to scrimp and save for extra cash. However, netizens claim to be upset with these politicians are freely using subsidised petroleum, the Ron95, for their luxury vehicles.   

Politicians using Ron95

Ustaz Dr Nik Zawawi Bin Salleh who is an MP for Terengganu is in hot waters for this incident. However, it seems slightly extreme to go against a politician for what type of petroleum he is using. There are a plethora of comments either defending or going against the politician. 

Furthermore, it appears that the PAS politician uploaded another photo showing that the recommended petrol for his car is Ron95. In addition to this, there are some netizens stating that individuals should avoid using their phones at petrol stations as it is dangerous to do so. 

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Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

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