BERSATU Admits Defeat in ATTEMPT to OUST Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister

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macai anwar sudan, EPF Contribution Rate bersatu Sarawak
Photo of Anwar Ibrahim from Suara Keadilan

The opposition party, Bersatu, has admitted defeat and abandoned their dream of ousting the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim. The party’s Information Chief, Razali Idris, acknowledged that Anwar’s government was strong with the support of 148 Members of Parliament, making it difficult for the opposition to overcome. 

Bersatu to remain as opposition 

However, to save face, Razali blamed Anwar for responding to the rumors and challenging the opposition to table a vote of no confidence in Parliament. This criticism raises the question of whether the government’s attempts to undermine Anwar were just “small talk.” 

Despite Bersatu’s claims, it is clear that Anwar’s response was reasonable and demonstrated his ability to lead. His quick challenge revealed the falsehood of the opposition’s claims, preventing them from using the fake number of 126 seats to destabilize the government.

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macai anwar sudan, EPF Contribution Rate bersatu
Photo of Anwar Ibrahim from Suara Keadilan

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