PAS Raya Feeds 50k People With 18k Satay Sticks

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PAS Raya
PAS Raya Feeds 50k People With 18k Satay Sticks

PAS is a party that goes with a lot of pride, like the parade with pride and fake weapons, remember and they are also very proud of the PAS Raya open house. They say they had 18,000 satay sticks and some 15 Kambing Golek and 50,000 people came for the event.

15 Kambing Golek

A whole lamb on the roast can feed up to 45 people, which makes it the perfect catering option for smaller events (Google). That means 15 would feed less than 1000 people and the 49,000+ would only be able to smell the taste. Same with the satay because one person eats at least one satay stick. Divide that by 50,000 people, you get 32,000 people without a satay stick.

Next PAS Raya

Next time they do an open house, they better serve 50,000 telur rebus at least the people get something to remember the PAS Raya Open House with. Right? Like the tweet below says, PAS Mathematic Fail. Starving guests.

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