Elderly Woman ACCUSED of STEALING Charles & Keith and Pedro BAGS With A Trolley

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grey leather crossbody bag Charles & Keith
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It would most definitely be peculiar if we were to see someone strolling into a retail store like Charles & Keith and Pedro with a trolley. However, this elderly lady does not feel the same way, and it appears that a member of staff is accusing her of stealing merchandise from their store. Furthermore, it is said that she stole from a few stores. 

Stealing Charles & Keith, Pedro handbags with a grocery store trolley? 

It appears that a few members of staff in a Pedro store detected her as a suspicious person. The incident was recorded and uploaded on Twitter, which of course viralled. The elderly woman accused the staff of exerting their authority over her. A claim which they denied. 

The Twitter user adds that she took the items without paying, but when caught, she did pay for all of the items that she took. At the end of the day, there was an intent to not pay for the items, or she could’ve just forgotten to pay? Another netizen added their two cents stating that this could be a habit of hers. 

Some state that certain wealthy individuals tend to do this for the adrenaline rush. If they were caught, they’d just pay for what they’re caught with. It could be assumed that this elderly lady is of a wealthy background due to her speech, but we still do not know much about her. 

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grey leather crossbody bag Charles & Keith
Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

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