Strata Act 2013: Is Clothes Drying on CONDO Balconies PROHIBITED?

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Pengemis B40 Strata
Image of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

Hanging clothes to dry from balconies is a common practice in Malaysia and Singapore, but some netizens argue that it reduces property value and affects investors. One Twitter user claims that the Strata Act 2013 prohibits this practice and suggests using dryer facilities to increase property value. 

Strata Act 2013 clothes drying 

However, other netizens argue that developers prioritize profits over building codes and consumer needs. Some buildings lack proper drying spaces due to unlicensed construction by blacklisted developers. Some netizens find it illogical for the government to ban clothes drying on balconies and prioritize property value over residents’ needs. 

One netizen suggests using hangers on balconies instead of the railing, and another dismisses property value concerns as irrelevant and criticizes those who prioritize profit over people’s needs. There are others that state the Strata Act of 2013 states that any permanent fixtures on balconies are prohibited, it doesn’t say anything about temporary fixtures (in lieu of clothes drying).

A more indepth version of this article can be found at Focus.  

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Pengemis B40 Strata
Image of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

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