Syed Saddiq Says PLKN WASTE Of Money and Is Ethnocentric 

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PLKN was considered as our “national service” and it began in 2002 and ended in 2018, the end of it was seen as a dismay to some Malaysians. However, many were not keen on joining it anyways. The topic of the university student crying over the whole food incident sparked a debate among netizens stating that it should be reimplemented again.  

PLKN is it necessary? 

Syed Saddiq emphasized that our education system needs an overhaul. University students are facing a massive problem after they’re done studying. With the rising cost of living and student debts, it is no wonder a large portion of students today are dealing with a multitude of issues. 

Some netizens disagree with the politician’s opinion about PLKN. Those who spent their time there state that they grew to be independent. Furthermore, they were able to be more self-sufficient due to the program. There are those that disagree with this, stating that all of these will be learnt by students anyways. 

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Image of Syed Saddiq from Wikipedia.

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