3 UK WOMEN Ascend as King Charles’s CORONATION Highlights

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King Charles, 3 UK Women
Official Portrait of King Charles from Royal Family Website

The impact of Queen Elizabeth II on the UK will remain for a long time despite her passing last year. And this is because we feel there are now three women rising as the Charlie’s Angels. They are the 3 UK women at the top.

Princess Anne

King Charles shows his sister Princess Anne as the most powerful woman after Queen Camilla with the princess now playing a bigger role by the brother’s side. She is now the most trusted member of the Royal Family. Camilla too rose to the occasion after years of waiting in the shadows. She is the most powerful woman in the UK today.

3 UK Women

But the most beloved woman is King Charles’ daughter-in-law, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. All eyes were on her dresses, her jewellery and her smile. The media did not miss the kind gestures of the Princess, wife of the future King, William and son of Lady Diana. @middletonmaven

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The official photograph of King Charles after the coronation is released by Buckingham Palace and was taken by Hugo Burnand who is a renowned British photographer based in London. 

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