KENDURI On A BUDGET? Netizen Thought RM0.40/Pax Is ENOUGH To Feed 500 Guests 

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There is an obsession with Malaysians hosting kenduris (banquet or festival) as they tend to have a high number of guests and it would be seen as somewhat an accomplishment. However, there are also many that opt to not host such events, or those that would host them once in a lifetime (their weddings). 

Kenduri on a budget 

It is unclear if this person is serious or is fooling around, but they went ahead and asked away on Facebook. They asked if RM200 was enough to host an “open house” for 500 guests. That would amount to RM0.40 per guest. For obvious reasons, that is definitely not enough for any catering business to make a sustainable profit. 

Others suggested the person host their open house with our local ice cream, each guest would only receive 1. Another netizen made fun of the whole situation stating that this would be a rare kenduri where people would only chew ice cream instead of actual food. 

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Photo by Saile Ilyas on Unsplash

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