Why Did This MAN And Woman URINATE at Johor Immigration Building

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Two separate incidents of people urinating in public at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex in Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) have sparked outrage online.

The Incidents

In the first incident, a woman was caught in the act on video urinating behind a closed immigration counter, while in the second incident, a photo of a man urinating against a wall supposedly at the immigration checkpoint was circulated online. The incidents have been widely condemned, with many calling for the individuals involved to be banned from crossing the border.

Why Urinate

The director of the Johor Immigration Department has also condemned the behaviour, stating that it is wrong to relieve oneself in public, especially in a highly secured government building. But why urinate so openly?

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Photo from Shin Min Daily News and social media video


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