PM Anwar Welcomes COLDPLAY With OPEN ARMS Making Malaysians HAPPY  

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Image from Coldplay's official Twitter account.

It is rare to see a Malaysian politician welcoming an international band such as Coldplay with open arms, especially if it is the Prime Minister (PM). However, it seems that PM Anwar is open minded and is accepting of foreign bands coming to play here. It is a long debate whether having concerts in the country is “halal” enough or not. 

Coldplay even welcomed by Malaysian Prime Minister

Netizens went straight in to attack PAS, the political party that is known to always be conservative. According to some, if PAS were in power, they would only not give Coldplay a good welcome, but would probably ban concerts from being held in Malaysia at all. This is due to their rhetoric against concerts. 

There are some Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) that beg the Prime Minister to allow her to perform in Malaysia. Regardless, that is entirely up to the singer herself if she is willing to come to Malaysia or not. It is nice to see our Prime Minister endorsing the art industry, especially when having an international band coming to our beautiful country. 

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Image from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

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