Hadi Awang CLAIMS Malays Are Behaving Like MONKEYS 

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Hadi Awang, the untold numbers
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It appears that Hadi Awang has placed himself in hot waters again with further controversial remarks. The PAS leader stated that Malays who work with corrupt Non-Malays are “monkeys.” This claim is not what a political leader should call others, especially if he claims that he is fighting for his own race. 

Hadi Awang call Malays “monkeys”

Netizens are responding to this by saying that it is ironic that he was the one that has been doing this all this while. Other netizens are calling him out for his selfish use of Islam for his own political agenda. There are some who are stating that God will one day guide him to the right path. 

DAP leader, Lim Guan Eng states that the PAS leader is a dangerous figure in this country. Furthermore, Lim adds that Hadi’s main goal is to disrupt the unity government and the harmony among the people of Malaysia by using non-Malays as a pawn for his targets. 

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Hadi Awang
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