Is UPSR RETURNING? Netizens Say It Should 

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For most of us, we have experienced UPSR when we were 12 years old. It would’ve probably been the first standardized examination for most Malaysians. Then PMR (now known as PT3 which is also abolished) would follow suit, and our time with government schools would end with SPM. However, UPSR was stopped in 2021 abruptly. 

Netizens suggest UPSR should return 

A recent news piece states that the latest exams for SBP, a government boarding school, is bringing in students that are of “lower” standards. Others are questioning why the previous government stopped said examination. It appears that a number of people support having UPSR for primary school students. 

Another user claims that the kids today are more disrespectful than ever, hence we need to enact an important exam for them to worry about. The user then adds that these kids should worry about going to Kumon (a popular tuition center) rather than going on TikTok and Twitter to look for trouble with adults. 

However, there are those who oppose bringing back said standardized examination. This netizen claims that these exams are a sad way to measure one’s success. The person adds that a lot of students who are having grade issues are due to the fact that we passed through a pandemic. Multiple classes were canceled, and it seems that for younger students, online classes may not be as effective as intended to be. 

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Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

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