Twitter User BASHED For Showing Burqa As CORRECT Way Of Wearing Tudung 

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The long debated topic of how a woman should cover up in Islam is a popular one in Malaysia. There are some users who are going to the extreme end by saying that the burqa is the proper way for a woman to dress. This includes them not wearing any perfume, and that the clothes do not resemble men at all. 

Twitter user says Burqa is the new tudung 

A Twitter user is questioning the validity of a woman being forced to wear the headgear solely due to men not being able to control themselves. Furthermore, the proper requirement typically says that the tudung is more than enough. But for some people it seems that being extreme is the best option. 

Another user asked a question regarding the beautification of a woman. Where if she would wear makeup and jewelry, would it be permitted? The original poster states that it is wrong and it should not be allowed. It is unclear if this is a parody account, or the user is genuinely thinking this way.

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group of people in black walking user
Photo by أخٌ‌في‌الله on Unsplash

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