Family Mart STOPPED Selling ALCOHOLIC Beverage To Gain Trust Among Muslims

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Family Mart
Photo by Roméo A on Unsplash

Family Mart has recently been in hot waters after over utilizing their staff for a multitude of purposes, which leads to their stores getting clogged up. However, it appears they are heading towards another direction, which is stopping the sale of alcoholic beverages in order to gain the trust of their Muslim clientele. 

Family Mart no longer selling alcoholic beverages 

The convenience store chain also states that alcoholic beverages were only a small percentage of their general sales. Thus, this will not impact them as much as many would assume. Furthermore, their cafe chain, FamiCafe finally received their halal certificate. 

Netizens agree with this sentiment where the store is stopping the sales of alcoholic beverages. Others state that if you can’t complain most of the time, you’d end up in Family Mart for their specialties. If an alcoholic beverage is needed, you can always pop by to the other convenience stores that are available in Malaysia. 

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Family Mart
Photo by Roméo A on Unsplash

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