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Fake Movie

The internet users are fantastic and this one proves why we say so, with a hilarious story. It says the opposition party is working hard to get a Hong Kong actor to play in Hadi: The Untold Numbers. Its a fake movie indeed and a meme online.

Hadi The Untold Numbers

But getting a Hong Kong actor who looks like the ketua armada of Bersatu is making a lot of people cringe or laugh. In the first place, should there be a movie called Hadi: The Untold Numbers?

Read the reactions in this thread and decide if its okay to make such a joke or is it too offensive? Nevertheless, the Anwar: The Untold Story is giving inspiration for a new comedy on the political scene. Dah cukup jomlah, they are saying.

The Cukup Jomlahh Story

Read More on the reactions from Twitter:

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