Man MURDERS 12-Year-Old Sister For Having FIRST Period Thinking She Had Intercourse 

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Teenagers Soldier Tahfiz Man, death penalty man sister Khalid Snatch Thief
Image taken by Kat Wilcox from Wikipedia.

This story is viral on Twitter as many are shocked at the fact that a 30-year-old man does not know anything about the female anatomy and proceeds to end his own sister’s life. It started with the man seeing blood stains over his sister’s clothes, and he proceeded to burn her mouth and parts of her body. 

Man murders his 12 year old sister

Furthermore, others are stating the importance of teaching youths regarding the menstrual cycle of women. Some people state that this is a hate crime towards women. There are talks about “honor” killings and the negative impact it has towards society. It is unfortunate to hear such a thing, especially when we are supposedly living in a modern world.

Another user states the irony that her brother knew that a woman may potentially bleed during her first intercourse, but does not know that women bleed regularly every month. A response states that sometimes a woman may be murdered if she doesn’t bleed during the first intercourse because the man would assume she has already done it prior. 

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Teenagers Soldier Tahfiz Man, death penalty man sister
Image taken by Kat Wilcox from Wikipedia.

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