Russians Used To WINTERPROOF Their Babies By Leaving Them In SNOW 

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Image screen grabbed from History in Meme's Twitter page.

An interesting fact recently surfaced where a photograph from 1958 shows how Russians left their babies on cots to “cool up” during the winter. It is said to boost a baby’s immune system and they would be more resilient towards the harsh cold Russian winters. 

Russian babies were winterproof-ed 

It seems that other netizens who had problems with their babies realized that this is a good technique. Apparently heating up the baby’s room did not help solve the nasal congestion the child suffered from. When they cooled down the room, it appeared that the child got better. 

Furthermore, netizens are saying that this is fairly common in Scandinavia as the air is cool and fresh over there. Another user states that babies sleep well in fresh air. Back in the olden days, this used to be a medicinal practice too. 

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Image screen grabbed from History in Meme’s Twitter page.

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