Singaporean Man ARRESTED For URINATING At Ablution Place in Johor MOSQUE 

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Recently, something controversial went viral on Twitter where a Singaporean man was arrested for urinating at an abolition place (tempat wudhu) in a Johorean mosque. This sparked an outrage among Twitter netizens as it is seen as extremely disrespectful. Furthermore, Muslims are using said place to cleanse themselves before prayers. 

Singaporean man urinating at abolition place in Johorean mosque 

The 69-year-old man was subsequently arrested by the police, and that man had no criminal record. Furthermore, tests were done towards the man’s urine to find that it is clean from any substances. A netizen asked why do Singaporeans claim to be a first world country, yet they still are able to behave inappropriately in Malaysia. 

Another netizen showed some sympathy towards the elderly man by stating that it is common for older people to have smaller bladders. The netizen adds that the older man might not have been able to hold his bladder. However, other netizens state that this very issue could be solved if they used adult diapers. 

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Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

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