Used Condoms THROWN From Top Floor Condo, Malaysians ANGRY At Irresponsible Adults 

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white condom in blue background
Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

Many are shocked to find out that recently, a used condom was thrown from the top floor down to one of the lower floors. It ended up landing on a netizen’s plant which is a massive inconvenience for her. Not only that this is gross, but it is still bio waste and may have certain sexually transmitted diseases lying around it. 

Raining condoms in a condominium 

The netizen proceeds to advise those who are living in apartments or condominiums to dispose of these protective methods in a proper manner. Furthermore, there are comments on why the used rubber has brown stains all over. One can simply assume that it is nothing positive. 

Another netizen suggests doing DNA testing on the used condoms to find the owner of it. Thus the authorities can charge them for littering. However, it does not work like that as you need a suspect’s DNA in order for it to match to something. 

Others are asking why the used condom is brown. Furthermore, this user asked if it was due to the nature of the sexual intercourse or if it is due to a woman having her menstrual cycle. If none of the above is true, the user suggests that the man responsible for this should see a doctor and find out what is wrong with him. 

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white condom in blue background
Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

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