12-Year-Old Boy ASSAULTED In Singapore By OTHER Youths 

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Image of the Singaporean skyline, image by Latest Malaysia.

It is a big surprise that a case like this is even possible in Singapore. Generally, it is a safer country than Malaysia. However, no place can always be constantly safe. Unfortunately for a 12-year-old boy, he was assaulted by other children in a Toa Payoh carpark. Twitter users demand answers for the whole ordeal. 

Kid assaulted by other kids in Singapore 

Originally posted by Mothership, Twitter users are now demanding that these children be canned by the government. Singapore was notorious for this punishment, especially back in the 1990s when they famously canned an American for vandalizing private property in the country. 

Netizens are tagging the police in order for them to fully investigate the situation. It appears that the people there are concerned at the potentially growing problem among the nation’s youths. Others state that the law today is lenient on delinquent kids, and should be reinforced in order to curb this issue. 

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GDP of Singapore, poverty line
Image of the Singaporean skyline, image by Latest Malaysia.

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