CHOW KON YEOW Says South Island RECLAMATION Project Downsized by 49%

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Chow Kon Yeow
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Its a half victory for some environment campaigners who said the South Island reclamation project will destroy habitats etc. So the Penang state government has decided to reduce the size of the project by 49%. This is after the recommendations by the PM Anwar Ibrahim.

From 4,500 Acres To 2,300 Acres

Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow, announced that the project size would be reduced from 4,500 acres to 2,300 acres. The reduction of 49% means only “Pulau A” or “Silicon Island” would be developed in two phases.

Chow Kon Yeow on Reduction

The decision came after concerns were raised by local fishermen and environmental NGOs about the potential adverse effects on marine ecosystems. The reduction in size means that fewer fishermen will be affected by the development. Chow Kon Yeow says only 115 fishermen from the Permatang Tepi Laut unit are now directly involved (or impacted?) in the development of Silicon Island, compared to 496 individuals from four fishing units in the area previously.

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