Indonesia BANNING Goth Girls? Netizens QUESTIONING Outfit Recommendation Guide 

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Image screenshotted from Twitter.

It is quite surprising that even Indonesia has a guideline on how their people should wear their clothes. Malaysians constantly complain about our strict rules when it comes to clothing, but it appears that Indonesia flat out places a whole genre of an individual’s fashion choice as something that isn’t recommended. 

Indonesia banning goth girls 

It appears that this is a shock to our Indonesian neighbors. Furthermore, there are some that claim this is “war” and proceeds to place a gif of a man painting himself. Moreover, people are surprised at this. It is unclear if the people who are surprised at this are doing it for the laughs, or if they’re actually serious. 

However, there are some users that state this is for a specific examination that Indonesians have to go through. For obvious reasons, when taking an exam, you need to be in the best shape to show professionalism. Furthermore, the netizens state that the illustration is just an example for what is not suitable to wear during said examination. 

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Image screenshotted from Twitter.

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