After MAKI-MAKI Anwar, Now PAS Wants Help

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Maki-Maki Anwar
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PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is hopeful. He wans Anwar Ibrahim to ‘continue’ the efforts of the previous PN regime to resolve the issue of clean water in Kelantan. “That is funny,” says an analyst.

Tak Tahu Malu

The Tuan mentions that PN Best had several plans to resolve the issue, including a reservoir project and the replacement of pipes in Kelantan. But 33 months in power did not suffice to help the Kelantan people. “Because they get voted always,” says the analyst.

Maki-maki Anwar

A plan to replace water pipes to cost RM3 billion per state but the Kelantan state gov cannot not afford it. Now he wants Anwar to give RM2 billion a year to the state’s water operator to replace equipment. “The maki-maki Anwar is not over. But they want money,” adds the analyst.

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