Poll Shows That 96% Want PAS Permanently Banned In Malaysia 

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The whole Coldplay vs PAS members ordeal is still not over yet. It appears that there are some members who are vehemently upset at the western band coming to Malaysia. Meanwhile, a large number of Malaysians are supporting the band playing here, that even includes our Prime Minister. 

Nasrudin Hassan: government encouraging hedonism for allowing Coldplay to come

Malaysians are responding to his statement in creative manners. One even stated that the extremist party should be banned from Malaysia and the Muslim community here will reach a greater high. This seems to be the popular sentiments among the Muslims in the country as many are seeing that the radical “Islamic” party is going too far. 

Even a poll was done to survey upon the opinions of others regarding this situation. In contrast, out of 15,000 people, 4% say that the Coldplay concert should be canceled. However, 96% of them state that PAS should be permanently banned in Malaysia. Some even joked that the 4% against Coldplay must be an error. 

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