Tun Mahathir LEAVING GTA? Reasons Due To Party LACKING Voters SUPPORT 

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Tun Dr Mahathir Tun M
Image of our former Prime Minister, photo from Wikipedia.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he left the Homeland Movement (GTA) coalition, established last year. Mahathir said the decision was made after GTA failed to show good results during the last general election, where all 168 GTA candidates lost their deposits. 

Tun Mahathir leaving GTA

“GTA (previously) we couldn’t register, we haven’t registered (as a legitimate party), because GTA is ‘not functioning’ and not moving, (I am now not with them).”

Twitter users are stating that our former Prime Minister needs to quit the political industry entirely. This is also due to the fact that he is tampering with the stability of the unity government. Netizens today are seen to be siding with our current Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim more. 

Another Twitter user points out that wherever Tun M goes, it backfires. A whole list of his failed political parties are listed, which are Bersatu, Pejuang and GTA. The user then adds that wherever he goes, nothing is run smoothly. 

However, it seems that a large number of Malaysians are tired of their once prideful leader. 20 years ago, his supporters were rock solid as he contributed immensely to our nation. Unfortunately, his contributions in making our country better is being overshadowed for his antics, especially in the eyes of the newer generation. 

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Tun Mahathir Tun M
Image of our former Prime Minister, photo from Wikipedia.

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