ANWAR Vows to Work With KELANTAN Gov’t To Fix Their WATER Problems

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ANWAR Vows to Work With KELANTAN Gov't To Fix Their WATER Problems
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Who is a better PM in this case, and a better political leader? The man who is bashed by PN and PAS opponents for his kindness! PM Anwar Ibrahim yesterday made it clear. He promises to work with the Kelantan state gov to fix their water woes.


This is what the Kerajaan Madani Malaysia should do and Anwar is right on the dot. This is one nation and #kitajagakita right? In a Prime Minister @anwaribrahim’s Special Announcement for Kelantan, Anwar says.

Anwar Vows

“The Federal Government will implement a complete Clean Water Supply Project for the State of Kelantan with the cooperation of the state government.” Point blank. Now its to PAS and its lackeys to decide to work with Anwar or not.

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