New Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat Gets Positive Response

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Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat
Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat - Photo Twitter

Great initiative, many questions and show of interest on Twitter in particular from people of all walks of life though this initiative is for B40 folks.

Get Rich Quick?

Despite some criticism from some quarters who seemingly want get-rich-quick schemes or cash cows, its good responses. Read the thread below to get more insights on the project launched by YB Rafizi Ramli.

Vending Machine Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat

As said above, this project is for people from the lower income group and they are given this opportunity with vending machines. There is one thing not many people understand about vending machines. It is a cash cow! Here is a video from YouTube (below) that shows you how about the vending machine business.

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Inisiatif Pendapatan Rakyat

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