New Trend: REFORMASI Calls Among Youth in KELANTAN

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Reformasi Kelantan

We rarely see such a scene of young people, men and women, chanting the call for reform with the reformasi shouts in Kelantan. This is where the PAS has reigned for decades, defeating all the Umno leaders who challenged their reign.

All PMs Lost In Kelantan

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad never defeated the PAS in Kelantan. DS Najib Razak’s Bossku also failed to gain traction. The Islamic leaning Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also failed to draw attention.

Reformasi Chants

But this group of Kelantan youth promises to bring changes in the voting pattern in Kelantan this year when the state holds the PRN. They shouted Reformasi and promises support for PMX.

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