Anwar Ibrahim DIRECTS Government Agencies to ADDRESS RM4.5 TRILLION Losses

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Raya 2023 Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has directed four government agencies to urgently address losses of RM4.5 trillion over 26 years due to corruption and mismanagement. While the exact amount of losses remains uncertain, the mismanagement involves tens of billions of ringgit, as acknowledged by the Prime Minister. 

PM Anwar Ibrahim instructing MCMC 

Anwar has instructed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Inland Revenue Board, Central Bank of Malaysia, and Commercial Crime Investigation Department to take necessary action within their jurisdiction. He emphasized the importance of raising awareness and issued general directives against corruption. 

Anwar noted that certain individuals involved in multi-billion corruption cases have evaded consequences. The reported losses, estimated by Emir Research, are conservative and likely higher considering the multiplier effect of investments. Anwar’s directive is a significant policy decision, overcoming opposition from the corrupt elite. He aims to resolve the issue and uphold values transcending race and religion.

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Raya 2023 Anwar

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