Twitter User Calling FAT Transgender Influencer POWER PUFF SHREK 

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Image screen shotted from Clown World's Twitter account.

Recently, a fat transgender influencer received fame and attention for calling herself a 10/10. It is good to have self confidence, but unfortunately for her, she is receiving immense backlash for her confidence. 

Fat trans influencer believes she’s a 10/10 on the “hotness” scale 

It went to a point where a netizen called her a shrek power puff girl. It appears that people are tired of listening to her and seeing her face plastered all over social media. There are other mean comments that were directed towards her, such as garlock the destroyer. 

She was a guest on a popular podcast show where she literally towered all the other girls, who are biological females. There are a plethora of comments mocking her weight and it seems that users are not gonna stop until she either humbles herself or gets off social media. 

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Image screen shotted from Clown World’s Twitter account.

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