Khalid Ismath Under FIRE: Accused of Hypocrisy and VIOLENCE Against Wife

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Teenagers Soldier Tahfiz Man, death penalty man sister Khalid Snatch Thief
Image taken by Kat Wilcox from Wikipedia.

Domestic abuse is a prevalent global issue, including in Malaysia’s political sphere. Khalid Ismath’s charges of domestic abuse against his wife have shocked many. According to Minister Rina Harun, domestic abuse cases rose by 42% during the pandemic

Khalid Ismath under fire 

However, programs for women affected by abusive partners remain limited. Twitter is abuzz with discussions on the issue, with one netizen highlighting the silence of those who previously supported Khalid Ismath and questioning ongoing support for him. Another netizen criticizes PAS supporters, accusing them of violence against their wives and disregarding religious principles. 

Twitter users express sympathy and support for Khalid Ismath’s wife, praising her bravery, strength, and wisdom in challenging her abuser, seeking justice, and breaking free from abuse.

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Teenagers Soldier Tahfiz Man, death penalty man sister Khalid
Image taken by Kat Wilcox from Wikipedia.

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