UMNO at RISK of Losing SUPPORT as DAP Members Gather at WTC, Ex-Leader Warns

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UMNO, M Vertika
Image of the UMNO building in PWTC. Photo taken by angys from Wikipedia.

The former right-wing leader of UMNO appeared to perceive a signal from the party’s headquarters when DAP members gathered there. Annuar Musa believes that the Unity Government Convention will bring disaster to UMNO, affecting the party’s members’ fighting spirit. 

UMNO risk of losing support due to DAP 

He compared the atmosphere to a previous meeting between UMNO and PAS in 2019, stating that the presence of DAP at the World Trade Center will likely lead millions, including UMNO members, to abandon the party. Annuar expressed concerns that Umno would be rejected by the people in upcoming state elections and the General Election. 

The convention was attended by collaborating parties in the current government, including Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Annuar’s past disagreements with Zahid led to his expulsion from UMNO. There have been reports of Annuar expressing interest in joining PAS.

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Image of the UMNO building in PWTC. Photo taken by angys from Wikipedia.

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