Food Panda Rider Sympathized By NETIZENS For Their TOUGH Job Conditions

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Food Panda

Recently, a viral video depicts a Food Panda rider getting splashed with water while in the rain. This caused a number of people to react in shock as the life of a delivery rider is not easy. Furthermore, this shows that we need to be grateful for our delivery riders as they are an important part of the food delivery network in Malaysia. 

The life of a Food Panda rider

However, there are some motorcyclists that claim it is a fun thing for them to do, which is getting wet in the rain. There are others who reminisce back to their days of being a delivery rider for Grab Food, just so that they could earn extra cash. This sentiment can be true to many other riders, especially for those in Food Panda as well.

There are others who are less sympathetic to the cars that would accidentally splash water on motorcyclists. But, netizens state that it would be risky for a car to slow down during the rain in order to not splash another person with water. This is due to the low visibility and that the vehicles behind them would not be able to see them properly. 

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