Twitter User Calls LAMBORGHINI “Italian TRASH” Due To Easy Disassembly

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gray coupe on parking area lamborghini
Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

A recent viral video shows a man pulling apart a Lamborghini with his bare hands. One Twitter user labeled the car brand as “Italian trash,” which sparked a debate among Twitter users. Car enthusiasts are split in between whether luxury cars are going down a similar route as luxury fashion, where quality is declining yet their prices are increasing. 

Lamborghini “Italian trash?” 

Netizens are stating that the car is worth at least $450,000 or RM 2,025,000. Furthermore, at that price, people would expect the car to be rock solid. However, the original post has received a fact check from Twitter stating that the car is still completely safe, and the parts are easier to remove due to it being lighter if so, and the car would have less impact in the crumple zones. 

Italian sports car fans are trashing German manufacturers. This is due to the company actually being owned by Volkswagen. As the typical Twitter user would say, “as the plot thickens.” Regardless, a car that is expensive tends to have the latest and greatest in terms of technology, and there are car enthusiasts that claim these clip-on parts are longer lasting than actual screws. 

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gray coupe on parking area lamborghini
Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

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