USTAZ Claims whoever agrees with COLDPLAY also supports LGBT

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Image of Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki from his official Facebook page.

The debate on whether Coldplay should or shouldn’t come to Malaysia is still ongoing. However, an ustaz made a bold statement saying that those who support the band coming are also supporting the rights of the LGBTQ movement. Netizens are stating that these PAS supporters and leaders can’t stop embarrassing themselves with such statements. 

Ustaz: Those who support Coldplay coming to Malaysia are LGBTQ supporters 

There are some that sarcastically question that if they do not support PAS, would it mean that they do not support Islam. Others are not happy that the religious leader would be openly making such a statement. One user states that he isn’t even a fan of Coldplay but religious leaders cannot simply judge people just like that. 

Another user posted a tweet sent by Harakah Daily in 2011 where they stated Coldplay promoted a pro-Palestinian song. Furthermore, another user states that we should not follow PAS, but instead, following the actual religion would make more sense. There were those that supported the ustaz, but it is mainly due to males and females mixing with each other. 

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Image of Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki from his official Facebook page.

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