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Image of a Chanel classic flap for RM43,000. Photo taken from Chanel's website.

Chanel is in hot waters again, just two weeks ago, there was another woman on TikTok who showed that her shoes broke after two weeks. Now, a YouTuber expressed her disappointment after purchasing said bag as she saved up quite a long time for the bag. Currently, the bag costs around RM43,000 for the smaller sized ones.

Chanel bag breaking apart after a few weeks 

Other users are expressing their disappointment towards the brand. The owner of the bag stated that she felt unlucky that her bag broke. However, netizens are stating that the brand is known for its severe quality issues. Despite this, people are stating that ironically these bags are listed as an investment value. 

More Chanel customers state that their recent purchases are not only more expensive due to the price increases, but the leather on their bags are wearing off faster than their older bags. Regardless, many experiencing issues with their handbags are able to receive either a new bag or a refund. 

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Image of a Chanel classic flap for RM43,000. Photo taken from Chanel’s website.

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