Irresponsible PARENTS Leaving CRYING Twins In Car With NO A/C

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page: @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

Twitter is on fire after netizens reported that there were a set of small twins left in a car without any air conditioning due to it being turned off. Apparently, eye witness accounts state that the car is turned off and the windows were rolled down slightly for air circulation. The eye witness then stated that they bought the kids drinks and waited till the parents arrived back, which is 30 minutes later. 

Parents leaving crying children in car alone

Netizens are criticizing the trend where parents are only having kids as though it is something to flex. Rather than buying a new Gucci handbag, some people feel that having kids is the same. However, those who intend to show off the fact that they have kids, can sometimes be irresponsible parents towards them. 

There were those defending the parents’ action by leaving the kids in the car. Some said that this could be a form of punishment to the kids. However, netizens immediately shunned down this person by stating that the kids could’ve died, especially with no air-conditioning in a very confined space. 

Many are criticizing the actions of those defending the parents. Netizens are stating that people who tend to do a similar thing would most definitely defend such actions. However, if a child misbehaves, there are other ways in dealing with said child. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page: @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

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