Putrajaya WITHDRAWS Appeal In Stopping Non-MUSLIMS For Saying Allah 

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Official Fired Putrajaya Civil Servants
Photo of the PMO at Putrajaya - Wikipedia

This topic is one of the more controversial ones among Malaysians as there are some who feel that non-Muslims should not say Allah, and some say that everyone should. However, there are Muslims that are saying Allah belongs to everyone. Furthermore, the appeal was filed all the way back in 2021. 

Putrajaya withdraws appeal for non-Muslims for saying Allah 

Malaysians are stating that his name is used by even Christians in Arabic countries. However, other netizens are puzzled at the fact that this was a major issue for Putrajaya. There are other words that were in the appeal, which are Kaabah, Solat and Baitullah. 

Another user states that this is a waste of time for the government. Regardless, this was filed during the time when Perikatan Nasional ruled the country. Non-Muslims in Malaysia feel that this is a law that was meant to oppress them. 

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Official Fired Putrajaya
Photo of the PMO at Putrajaya – Wikipedia

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