ROLEX Watch Bought For RM404 In The 60s SOLD For RM1.1 MILLION In 2020

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green and white UNKs coffee store signage Rolex
Photo by Nathan Aguirre on Unsplash

The talk of Rolex timepieces gaining value as they age is a popular sentiment discussed among those who like watches. Furthermore, it is a popular trend to see watches from certain brands like Rolex, AP, Patek Philippe to gain rapidly in value after purchase. However, this is true only for a select line of their watches.  

Rolex watches seen as good investments 

According to Yahoo News, the family of a deceased miner has struck a fortune with an inherited timepiece. An original Rolex, purchased back in the early 1960s for a mere $90 (RM404), has recently been sold at auction for a staggering quarter of a million dollars (RM1.1 million).

The highly sought-after Submariner 5512, widely regarded as the ultimate vintage watch, was quickly acquired by a collector based in Hong Kong during Gardiner Houlgate’s October auction. 

Redditors have a conflicting viewpoint when it comes to seeing these items as an investment as the hype over certain watch brands is cyclical. There will be a time where a watch is hyped and there will be times where it will decline. The second hand market is also an unstable one as prices might be inflated for an item that is hot, and when it’s no longer hot, it will deflate. 

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green and white UNKs coffee store signage Rolex
Photo by Nathan Aguirre on Unsplash

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